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T.O.U.C.H.E' Fitness Canada is HERE!

As an extension of the US based fitness system Marlo, our highly trained gymnast and coach, is taking T.O.U.C.HE' to new levels. Adapting to the outside adventures and dedicating to changing one life at a time we are here to assist you in meeting your goals! 

Read below to learn about Marlo and all that T.O.U.C.H.E' Fitness Canada has to offer!



Marlo has been involved with health, fitness and athletics for over 30 years. From an early age, her love for athletics and fitness were sparked as a competitive gymnast and coach, followed by finding her passion for competitive rowing. Marlo’s athletic background helped her earn a degree in Physical Education/Kinesiology, as well as a position in the NCAA as a Strength & Conditioning/Rowing Coach. Furthermore, Marlo danced, choreographed and performed with Jean Issac’s Professional Dance Theatre Company in San Diego, CA, where she was also the Director of Endurance Sports at the San Diego Sports Performance Clinic – all while competing with an Elite Women’s Cycling Team. Marlo has been certified as a CSCS Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA Personal Trainer, Ashtanga Yoga, Stott Pilates, NCCP Rowing and Gymnastics Coach. She also holds several National Championship Titles in both Canada and the United States for Rowing, Cycling and Gymnastics. As Marlo continues to pursue her own athletic, fitness and health goals as an Elite Masters Rower, she is now here to share her knowledge and passion, in order to effectively aid in achieving success in YOUR individual goals.