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Tony Hill Getty Images

Tony Hill

Founder & CEO - USA

Tony Hill has dedicated his life to serving others in the area of health and fitness. With over 30 years in the industry Tony began his journey serving in the military at the age of 18. When he was released he continued his servant hood operating as a lieutenant in the San Diego Police Department. After retiring Tony set out on a mission to change the worlds view with the truth concerning wellness one life at a time. Tony opened his own health club called "The Burn" right in the heart of San Diego. To reach more people Tony journeyed to Europe where he was involved in Body Building, Weight Lifting, and opened his second location. Seven years later Tony returned to the states, settling in Las Vegas, Nevada to root himself in the needed community.

Ariel Shaw

Operations Manager and Accountant/Bookkeeper

Ariel Shaw has excelled in management for over 10 years. She possesses exceptional abilities in organization, financial structure design and implementation, business management and operations. This led her to successfully manage a chain of retail outlets, specializing in re-structuring their business operations and procedures. Her interests in fraud investigations led her to spearhead multiple teams in successfully identifying trends and patterns.

Ariel found her passion in health and fitness when she became a mother and wanted to provide inspiration to other mothers. As well as, learn and provide realistic ways to include children in the health and fitness journey. 

Ariel Shaw

TOUCHE' Coaches

Bobby Webster

Bobby Webster

Personal Coach

At a young age I dedicated my life to fitness. I started training individuals at the early
age of 15. It has was always been my life's work to motivate people in keeping a fit and healthy body. When I turned 18 I quickly chased my goals and got a job at the gym to be around the fitness industry and to expand my knowledge. Shortly after I entered a bodybuilding competition to start understand the discipline of nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle. I worked with many great bodybuilding coaches including IFBB Pros who helped me build the foundation that I have today.


Even doing that I still knew there was more to
Fitness than weightlifting. When I met Tony Hill he introduced a new way to stay in shape and keep lean muscle without hurting yourself and it is something everyone can do. I am grateful
and ready to help as many people as I can because the true gift of this world is giving.


Canan Önder

 Canan Önder

Turkey -

Personal Coach and Fitness Instructor

She was born in Istanbul. She received her master’s degree on the European Union at one of the best universities in Turkey. After working in a non-governmental organization related to international organizations for about 3 and a half years, she got married and started working in the family business with her father. She is specialized in online sales, imports, and corporate communication in the family company, which has been in the sector for more than 130 years. 

Shortly after she joined the family business, her husband moved to Adana city due to his job. Canan was living and working mostly alone in Istanbul when she discovered fitness and healthy eating, which became her greatest passion at that time. A few years later, she became pregnant with her daughter and met Tony Hill, who were running a boutique studio in Istanbul at that time. Meeting the Hill's completely changed her life.

She did what almost none of the pregnant women in Turkey had dared before. At least 4 days a week, she got up at 5 a.m., took a subway to Tony’s studio to exercise with him throughout her pregnancy and then went to work at the family business. After completing a very healthy and energetic pregnancy, with the support of Tony, she got a better body and health ever than before. This increased her passion even more. In 2021, after moving to Adana city to live with her husband and daughter altogether, she received her Personal Trainer and Corrective
Exercise Specialist certificates and immediately started giving private and group lessons at the fitness club where she was a member of.

Canan, who also has a NASM Nutrition Coaching certificate, strongly believes that the most effective way to feeling strong and being a good example to all women out there who feels insecure and helpless is to have a leading healthy lifestyle. This belief and her passion for the field of wellness led her to cross paths with Tony again after 8 years and finally take her place among Touché family.

TOUCHE' Group Instructors

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